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The decision of which mortgage program and lender to use to purchase or refinance your home is an important one. As you consider your options, it is wise to base all or part of the decision on the results of complete and objective financial analysis. To help get you started, we’ve created a number of calculators which were designed to provide general tools which can be used to help you analyze your options.

FHA Loan Affordability Calculator

Prior to spending any time shopping for an FHA Streamline Refinance or Purchase, you should take time to complete a thorough review of your finances to determine how much home you can afford. By comparing your income and expenditures against standard industry qualification criteria, this FHA Loan Affordability Calculator can help you drill down on a purchase price that won’t break the bank.

FHA Loan Amortization Calculator

This FHA Loan Amortization Calculator is designed to help you do two things. First, it can help you better understand how changing the terms of your mortgage will impact your monthly payment, interest payments over the life of the loan, and principal to interest ratios. Second, it has a feature that allows you to see the savings you could realize by making additional principal payments ahead of schedule.

FHA Loan Quote Comparison Calculator

When shopping for an FHA Loan, making the right decision on which FHA Loan quote to lock is not as simple as comparing interest rates or closing costs. An accurate apples-to-apples comparison of FHA Streamline Refinance or Purchase terms requires that you hold certain variables constant. Without holding these important variables constant, it is very likely that you will be making a decision based on erroneous information. This comparison calculator is designed to help borrowers make fair and accurate comparisons between quote options.

Home Refinance Break-Even Calculator

Every time you refinance your mortgage, you are paying fees to do so (even if your lender tells you it is a no-cost loan). These fees will either be paid on the front-end or back-end. Once you understand what the true cost of refinancing is, this calculator is designed to help borrowers identify the savings they would realize by refinancing as well as the approximate time period it will take to recuperate the cost of refinancing from the monthly savings that comes from better terms.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in and presented through these calculators is meant to assist borrowers in understanding the general analysis which they can perform and consider in making their mortgage decisions. They are specifically designed based on general guidelines which are subject to change without notice. Consequently, the results cannot be guaranteed accurate in every case and borrowers should complete their own independent analysis and review of any relevant terms or issues prior to making a decision on how to proceed with their mortgage. The information in these calculators many not be copied, reproduced, or posted without the express written consent of the Company. (c) 2009-2011 FHALoanNetwork.

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