FHA Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Is FHALoanNetwork.org affiliated with the US Government?

FHALoanNetwork.org and it’s lending partners and affiliates are privately held entities that are not affiliated with the US Government, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development of any other Government agency or department. Information about these groups can be found at www.va.gov and www.hud.gov.

How do I contact FHALoanNetwork.org?

You can reach us by calling us at 801-701-0621 during normal business hours or writing us at 451 E 1000 S, STE B, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062.

How do I apply for an FHA guaranteed loan?

A borrower can apply for an FHA home loan at any mortgage company, as long as it is FHA approved and is actually participating in the FHA home loan program. You can start by getting in touch with an FHA Loan Specialist who will find you the lowest rates and fees by filling out this form.

Is FHA financing complicated?

Several years ago, FHA financing was actually a lot more complicated than the standard or conventional financing. Quite recently, however, changes have been implemented, making the FHA home loan process considerably easier than even a number of standard financing programs.

I have already received one FHA home loan. Can I get another one?

Yes, but it largely depends on the situation. If a borrower has already paid off his previous FHA home loan or sold the property, then he may be entitled to another FHA home loan. FHA loans are only for primary residences.

I have sold the property I obtained with my prior FHA home loan. Can I purchase a new home with an FHA Loan?


Does an FHA home loan provide cash to the borrower?

Maybe. In certain instances a borrower may qualify for an FHA Cash-out Refinance. The particular amount that can be taken in cash depends on a number of factors. You can find out if a cash-out refinance is right for you by filling out this form and talking with an FHA Loan Specialist.

What kind of information do I need to share to get an FHA loan?

Generally speaking, you will need to provide pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns in order to validate your income and financial stability. In the case of an FHA Streamline Refinance, you will not need an appraisal. To talk to an FHA loan specialist about your needs fill out this form

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